Instructional Materials
College Market

Educational Testing

Elementary-Highschool (El-Hi) Textbook Market

Promotional Premiums
(Giveaways sales reps use to help promote textbooks to teachers and professors)

Case Studies, Research Briefs, Customer Reference

Nancy J. Brandwein has researched and written over a dozen cases, research briefs and teacher notes for the Global Business School Network, Columbia University's Graduate Business School CaseWorks division and Teachers College Office of School and Community Partnership. The conceptualization, research, interviews and writing skills that go into crafting a riveting business or education story are not only applicable to helping MBA and teaching students think creatively, but also to helping companies tell their success stories to potential customers. Nancy can craft compelling customer testimonials and cases for your web site or business plan.

Direct Mail and Promotional Copy

Nancy J. Brandwein has written marketing copy throughout her career — from book jackets and press releases for the publishing industry to direct mail appeals for both nonprofit and for profit organizations. Nancy wrote the first d/m appeal for Friends of the Highline, and a successful acquisition for American Friends of the Hebrew University.

Samples available upon request.

Journalism and Food Writing

Since 2007, Nancy J. Brandwein has written a weekly food column, "Snack Attack," for Manhattan Media's West Side Spirit/Our Town newspapers as well as feature articles and cover stories for two other New York-based publications with annual circulations of 345,000 and 9.4 million.

Personal Essays